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Welcome to Tematea!

The TEMATEA Project on Issue-Based Modules supports a better and more coherent national implementation of biodiversity-related conventions following a two-track approach:
The Issue-Based Modules are web-based tools that provide a logical, issue-based framework of commitments and obligations from regional and global biodiversity-related agreements.
The use of the Issue-Based Modules is further supported at the country level to promote national cooperation and communication across sectors and conventions.
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'Putting the pieces of the puzzle together'

TEMATEA is designed for everyone involved in the implementation of biodiversity related commitments, be it at the level of central or local government, an NGO or a key member of the private sector.
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What can Tematea do for you?

By structuring provisions of different instruments on specific key topics, the Issue-Based Modules facilitate coherent and coordinated action at the national level. They also reinforce cross-sectoral understanding and cooperation, emphasizing the relevance of biodiversity to other sectors.
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