National experiences

TEMATEA provides tools for hands-on national and regional capacity-building to facilitate sectoral integration and improved implementation of biodiversity commitments on issues identified as national priorities. National experts have already started to use TEMATEA in different ways and a non exhaustive list of potential uses, can be found here.

Besides individual application of TEMATEA by experts, capacity to use the modules at the national level is also being built through national workshops and regional trainings. The TEMATEA national workshops are based on extensive stakeholder consultations, involving experts from a wide range of sectors and conventions, to evaluate and improve national MEA implementation on specific issues. This enables countries to assess the value of the modules in their own situation, and to gain experience on how best to apply these tools to suit their own requirements across a range of topics. This in turn supports a more coherent and efficient approach towards the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

National capacity-building workshops have already taken place in Africa, Europe, Latin America and in the Caucasus. These have provided good indications of how the modules promote national cooperation and support revision and development of coherent national policies on biodiversity, while creating capacities and facilitating national reporting.

The Interaction between countries is encouraged to multiply the benefits obtained from the use of TEMATEA. New experiences will therefore be included as they become available. Experts are encouraged to share their experiences in the use of TEMATEA through the contact form.!

National workshops and regional training have been possible thanks to donor funding, in particular from Belgium, Norway, Switzerland and Germany. If your country is interested in either supporting TEMATEA or hosting a national workshop, please indicate your interest to the TEMATEA Secretariat through the contact form.