Activity 4: Implement impact assessments

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Component 1: Provide information on impact assessment

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Component 2: Implement impact assessments

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VII/7
CBD Decision VI/7, 2
CMS Resolution 7.2, 3
Ramsar Resolution VIII.9, 10
CBD Decision VI/7, Annex
Ramsar Resolution VIII.9, Annex
Alien species form part of the screening criteria in the Guidelines on EIA. Parties are encouraged to consider how activities could alter habitat ultimately encouraging the introduction of IAS. Synergy between three conventions occurs here as each convention endorses the same set of guidelines.

Author Commentary 2

Author Commentary 3

Ramsar Resolution VII.16, 13
Ramsar Resolution VII.10, Annex
IAS form part of the framework established to assess wetland risk.

Author Commentary 4

Ramsar Resolution VII.16, 14
Ramsar Resolution VII.19, Annex
These guidelines highlight the need to address IAS issues when managing shared wetlands and river basins (Paragraph 10).

Author Commentary 5

CMS Resolution 7.2, 6
Ramsar Resolution VIII.9, 17
Synergy between these two conventions occurs here, as each convention urges Parties to establish contact with the International Association of Impact Assessments.

Author Commentary 6

WHC Operational Guidelines IV.A, 169 and
WHC Operational Guidelines IV.A, 172:
These provisions form part of the process of Reactive Monitoring, which is the reporting by the Secretariat, other sectors of UNESCO and the Advisory Bodies to the Committee on the state of conservation of specific World heritage properties under threat (WHC Operational Guidelines IV.A, 169). The criteria for the assessment of outstanding value of a World Heritage property can be found at WHC Operational Guidelines II.D, 77

Author Commentary 7

Ramsar Resolution X, 17, 8 and Ramsar Resolution X, 17, Annex
The relevant sections of the guidelines that should be considered here are: Part I, B-Biodiversity issues at different stages of environmental impact assessment: 19, a) and 31, d).