Activity 15: Assess agricultural biodiversity

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Author Commentary 1

CBD Decision VI/5, 4
CBD Decision V/5, 4
CBD Decision V/5, Annex
CBD Decision VI/5, Annex I
The relevant programme element from the programme of work for agricultural ecosystems is: Programme element 1: assessments. Parties are encouraged to contribute to the assessment of plant and genetic resources.

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision VI/5, 11
CBD Decision VI/5, Annex II
The relevant programme element of the plan of action for the International Pollinator Initiative is: Programme element 1: assessments. Three activities from this programme element, ask Parties to assess pollinators: activity 1.1: monitor the status and trends of pollinators; activity 1.2: Assess the economic value of different pollinator systems and activity 1.3: Assess the state of scientific and indigenous knowledge.