Activity 6: Manage ballast water

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Component 1: Implement management programmes

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Prevent and eliminate the transfer of harmful organisms and pathogens in ballast water: BWM Article 2, 1
  • Promote implementation of recommendations of the IMO to ships entitled to fly the Party’s flag: BWM Article 2, 8
  • Continue progress towards the adoption of the International Convention on Ballast Water Management to control the unintentional introduction of non-native species: JMM 2003/3 Oscar/Helsinki (no. 30d)
  • Develop and implement mechanisms to minimise hull-fouling as an invasion pathway: CBD Decision VI/23, 7
Component 2: Research management options for IAS

Directly relevant obligations and commitments

  • Initiate joint research and development programmes in respect to the management of ballast water and sediments: BWM Article 13, 1c

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