Activity 7: Manage dry and sub-humid land

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Author Commentary 1

UNCCD Decision 14/COP.7, 1
The control of IAS is highlighted as a rehabilitation practice for the reversal of land degradation.

Author Commentary 2

CBD Decision VII/2, 4
CBD Decision VII/2, 7
CBD Decision VII/2 Annex
The most relevant activity from the programme of work for dry and sub-humid lands is: Activity 7 measures for conservation and sustainable use Parties are requested to: develop guidelines and mechanisms for best management of IAS (Activity 7C).

Author Commentary 3

CBD Decision VI/4, 3
Intends to ensure cross-referencing of the dry and sub-humid lands programme of work with other CBD work programmes, including alien species. This is relevant here for the increasing development of guidelines and best practice provisions of IAS within the programme of work for dry and sub-humid lands (Activity 7C): CBD Decision VII/2, Annex

Author Commentary 4

CBD Decision VIII/2, 12
CBD Decision VIII/2, Annex
The relevant targets from the programme of work are Target 6.1 pathways for major potential IAS controlled in dry and sub-humid lands, and Target 6.2 management plans implemented for major IAS that threatened dry and sub-humid ecosystems, habitats and species.