Activity 9: Ensure funding for protected areas

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Commentary 1

CBD Decision VII/28, 9
CBD Decision VII/28, 10
CBD Decision VII/28, Annex
The relevant programme element from the programme of work on protected areas are: Programme element 1 on direct actions for planning, selecting, establishing, strengthening and managing protected area systems and sites. Goal 1.5 asks Parties to prevent and mitigate the negative impacts to protected areas. In particular activity 1.5.4 asks Parties to take measures to control the risks associated with IAS in protected areas.
Programme element 4: standards, assessment, and monitoring should also be considered here. Goal 4.3 asks Parties to assess and monitor protected area status and trends.

Commentary 2

WHC Decision29 COM 7B.b, 5:

This obligation refers to the serious threats that disasters pose on the conservation of World Heritage. This obligation is also largely aimed at the international donor community.