Cuba was the first Caribbean country and the second in the American continent, after Peru, to put in practice the national use of the TEMATEA issue-based modules. The final national workshop event took place in February 2008.

The Invasive Alien Species (IAS) and Inland Waters TEMATEA modules were selected to be applied nationally, taking into account the work that Cuba has already developed on these topics, and the country’s characteristics, such as its insularity, its configuration and geographical location, a high level of endemic biodiversity, the interaction and interdependence between the different ecosystems, their fragility, and high vulnerability.

Objectives of the Workshop

The TEMATEA capacity building workshop is a national consultation process that takes many months and is carried out by national actors with the support of the TEMATEA Secretariat. During this process one or more TEMATEA modules are selected by the host country and their structure is used to review the national legislation on the selected issues, with the objective of improving their implementation.

This process is not meant to increase the work of national experts, but rather make their work more effective, by means of better communication and the harmonization of activities. It also promotes coordination and communication at the national/regional level throughout different conventions and sectors. For a non exhaustive list of potential uses of TEMATEA, click here.

Workshop outcomes
  • The key documents prepared for the workshop will be kept up-to-date to serve as a basis for reporting and to assist the work of experts in the different organizations.
  • The identification of national strengths and weaknesses in the implementation of MEAs related to IAS and Inland Waters, will be taken into account when developing National Action Plans for IAS and wetlands.
  • The workshop was useful to engage stakeholders in future activities.
  • A follow-up work programme was agreed, which will ensure the implementation of the recommendations approved by workshop participants.
  • This experience will be shared through different channels (Cuba's Clearing House Mechanism, distribution of workshop material in a multimedia CD to all centers related to IAS and Inland Waters issues) to allow for the engagement of a larger number of actors on these issues, and consequently better coherence, coordination and efficiency in the national and regional implementation of MEAs related to these topics.
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