Website content

The TEMATEA website contains the six Issue-Based Modules as well as the text of the articles, decisions, recommendations and resolutions that are referred to in those modules. It also provides users with some information on the reviewed agreements and other relevant background documents to increase mutual understanding among experts of different agreements.
Furthermore, experiences with the Issue-Based Modules both by individuals and at country level are being highlighted as they are essential to move from theory to practice and support a wider use of TEMATEA. This part of the website is being expanded continuously to ensure peer-to-peer support among national experts. Everybody is therefore encouraged to send in their experiences with TEMATEA using the contact form so it can be added to the website.
Most parts of the website are currently available in four of the official languages of the United Nations, namely English, French, Russian and Spanish. Depending on further funding, the website will gradually include more agreements and also become available in Arabic and Chinese in order to cover all 6 UN languages.