Soportando TEMATEA

The issue-based modules have been highly appreciated by national experts and the governing bodies of several MEAs have welcomed the modules and stressed their role in capacity-building. The importance of this service in particular for developing countries was further stressed by the African Ministers for the Environment during the 11th meeting of AMCEN in May 2006.

Further development

The TEMATEA Steering Committee therefore requested UNEP and IUCN to ensure that this service is maintained and strengthened in a reliable way by further developing and maintaining the issue-based modules into all 6 UN languages, extending the modules to more regions and countries as well as to other key biodiversity issues and by supporting national use of the modules.


From 2005 until 2007, UNEP and IUCN developed TEMATEA and provided country support for its application, thanks to the generous contributions of in particular Belgium, Norway, Germany, the European Commission, Finland and Switzerland. However, there is a growing demand on TEMATEA to provide both up-to-date modules as well as additional national capacity-building exercises based on the modules.
This will require more stable funding in the future, as well as the involvement of key partners such as the FAO and UNDP. Interested donors and potential partners are therefore encouraged to contact the TEMATEA Secretariat to ensure further maintenance and development of TEMATEA as a support system for national experts and to promote coherence and synergies between MEAs at national and international level.